Our Story


In the beginning, they were neighbours, two families living a couple of blocks apart in a new neighbourhood in the small town of Virgil.  Both families have long histories in the region and large extended families. Both families have strong family bonds and over time, both families developed strong bonds with each other. They have shared values including a passion for their community and a passion for good food and drink.  

In time the circle grew and came to include another cousin and family. As time passed, all shared a growing passion and drive to open a unique, quality restaurant in their own backyard, the town of Virgil.  They focused on a long unused and somewhat derelict building, one that although centrally located had been unoccupied by any business for decades and was being overrun with trees and other vegetation (growing inside!!).  This was to become the site of both a new restaurant and the rebirth of a historic Virgil building.

Their shared strong family focus drove them to aspire to open a restaurant in which their guests would feel warm and welcomed, as though they too were a part of the family.  The kitchen would be open and visible to create the sense of being welcomed into their home.

The families also share a desire to provide the best in all aspects of the restaurant.  The attention to detail in the ambience, the décor, the equipment and the menu is evident and designed to showcase their passion for the restaurant.  Bricks and Barley sources local ingredients directly from local farms. A stage is included to showcase local live entertainment. The beverage menu is highlighted by the best in local wine and craft beer.  

Before opening its doors Bricks and Barley became a sponsor and supporter of the local sports teams.  The desire to provide the perfect meeting spot for sports teams and sports fans to come unwind, bond and share a delicious quality meal is a focal point of the restaurant.  

Bricks and Barley, a new establishment built to revive a site and born from a love and passion for food, family and friends.  

We welcome you to our family, our kitchen, our hearts and hope to be a part of your family as we grow together!


The Spiones, The Eymanns & The Frendos